KENDAL ELECTRIC FOREIGN TRADE LIGHTING ELECTRONIC CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY and TRADE CO. LTD has gained its seat in the Turkish economy as a constantly progressing company, acting with the aim of high quality service, besides performing the exports-imports of ELECTRICITY and ILLUMINATION MATERIALS Since the year 2000.     "KENDAL ELECTRIC FOREIGN TRADE LIGHTING ELECTRONIC CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY and TRADE CO. LTD” will continue its endeavours to share its commercial reputation with large masses by holding tight to its principles, adapting these values to today’s communication strategies and by establishing a young, dynamic corporate culture, befitting to the 21st century together with its
employees Kalite Politikasý “KENDAL ELECTRIC FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD " has adopted the outperforming of customer expectations of quality in its performance of services rendered as per the contracts as principle. When naming such expectations, we may aline them as Seriousness, Rapidity, Accuracy, Efficiency and Satisfaction. “KENDAL ELECTRIC FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD " takes the following as principles in its activities :   It will never compromise from high quality service and products. It will evaluate the demands and requirements of customers very profoundly and implement them. It will render the services with full customer loyalty, discipline and friendliness. According to KENDAL ELECTRIC FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD., these are the primary conditions of being a good entity. The Quality Objectives of “KENDAL ELECTRIC FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD ". Our company specifies the quality objectives during the review meeting of the quality system by the top management every year. The specified and documented quality objectives are evaluated in periodic intervals (like 3 months or 6 months). In this assessment, the grading of objective achievements is taken into consideration. For the significant deviations observed within the objectives, precautions have to be taken by the top management. During the stage of identifying the quality objectives, there are dominant factors like the previously determined quality objectives and the accessibility percentage to such objectives, requirement of constant growth of the company and customer demands.